Welcome to the Gould Business Incubator, a place where new businesses take flight.

 Our mission is to help you grow your new business venture by providing an affordable, supportive launching platform, programs for learning and networking opportunities.

 Business incubators of varying types and sizes have been in existance since the 1950’s. In fact, many of the successful company names familiar to you today were started in a business incubator. On average, incubators reduce start-up costs by 40-50% — a huge percentage for someone trying to turn their hobby into a living. These savings make it possible for the new business to preserve resources needed for other  important needs like payroll, product development and marketing.

 According to The National Business Incubation Association, 87% of incubated businesses succeed past the six year mark compared to only 40% for non-incubated businesses.

 Our proximity to the Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology and the Florence-Darlington Technical College provide additional valuable resources for our clients. Rapid prototyping, advanced machining and 3D virtual-reality media production capabilties can help get your product to market much faster than any non-incubator assisted start-up.

 Sound like the kind of energetic environment that can get your idea on the way to a successful launch? We’re ready to work for you. Tell us who who you are (on the Getting Started page) and a bit about your venture and we will contact you to arrange a meeting or a tour.

 I look forward to meeting you.

 Ashley Dingle, Manager

Gould Business Incubator